Eliza Reign Taunts Future with (800) DEADBEAT T-shirt Line


Eliza ‘Reign’ Seraphin, the alleged 6th baby mother to Wiked rapper Future is shaping up to be one of today’s pettiest baby mothers and I must admit, I’m kind of here for the entertainment of it all.

After months of trading low blows all over social media with Seraphin labeling Future a “deadbeat” dad, the IG model has now upped the ante and launched a web link  JUSTTAKETHETEST.COM where she is selling a line of DEADBEAT shirts for $25 a pop.

Lol. Wow! Assuming since (according to Eliza) Future is not pitching in financially for 6 month old Reign, she is willing to get to the money by any means – even if at Future’s expense.

Looks like Mr Pluto has met his match this time!

Do you think Future will have a change of heart and “take the test” or do these kind of antics push men away further?

Rapper Future’s 6th Baby Mother Claims He is a Deadbeat Dad

Rapper Future seems to always be at odds with the alleged mothers of his multiple children.

This time his 6th alleged “baby mama” IG model Eliza Reign is upset again claiming the Pluto rapper is ducking his responsibilities (aka not paying child support) as a father to their 5 month old daughter.

The Internet is not letting up on Eliza accusing her of clout chasing since she is the 6th alleged baby mother and was supposedly aware of Future’s antics before getting knocked up.

During the early parts of her pregnancy, she took to social media and accused the Dirty Sprite rapper of putting a hit out on her in order to rid himself of her and the unborn baby. Continue reading →

Rapper Bow Wow Gets Sucker Punched Courtesy of Future

Apparently child rapper Lil Bow Wow got sucker punched for loose lipping it online.

According to the internet streets Atlanta rapper “Future Hendrix” is currently dating Bow Wow’s ex thot so Bow Wow hopped in his feelings & hopped online throwing verbals at the self-proclaimed “Astronaut kid.” Future’s camp didn’t take too kindly to the gum bumping so one of his goonies decided it was “on site.”

Fast-forward to the smackdown: Bow Wow claimed that he was never jaw jacked by any of Future’s goonies and that the whole thing just didn’t happen.

Bow Wow is known to tell a tall tale occasionally but unfortunately for him this time it did happen and there is video evidence.

This is not the first time these two have had eyes for the same girl. R&B singer Ciara who has a child with Future also used to date Bow Wow back in the day. She is now living her best life with a new husband and kids while these two squaller.

**PEN HUSTLE Disclaimer** I don’t condone bullying but as the old saying goes: loose lips sink ships

Do you think Future is behind the ambush?

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