Rapper Future’s 6th Baby Mother Claims He is a Deadbeat Dad

Rapper Future seems to always be at odds with the alleged mothers of his multiple children.

This time his 6th alleged “baby mama” IG model Eliza Reign is upset again claiming the Pluto rapper is ducking his responsibilities (aka not paying child support) as a father to their 5 month old daughter.

The Internet is not letting up on Eliza accusing her of clout chasing since she is the 6th alleged baby mother and was supposedly aware of Future’s antics before getting knocked up.

During the early parts of her pregnancy, she took to social media and accused the Dirty Sprite rapper of putting a hit out on her in order to rid himself of her and the unborn baby. Continue reading →

Man On Judge Mathis Sues For $48 Bucks In Child Support

Originally posted on Bossip:

Did he say ‘child support’ was taking $1 a week from his paycheck? 1 whole dollar? 

People online are commending this guy. He seems genuine but I still can’t understand why he was suing the mom again? For a paternity test? 

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