ASK BEE: I’m pregnant and my child’s father is locked up.

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I met my boyfriend about 6 months ago at a local nightclub and things between us moved really fast. We fell in love and moved in together within 2 months of dating. After living together about 1-1/2 months I found out I was pregnant. I was excited, this will be my first child and this will be his 3rd child. Right after finding out I was pregnant he got arrested on a probation violation charge and went to jail. Right now we’re expecting him to be in for almost a year and it has really been rough on me & my pregnancy.  My family wants me to move back home (I am originally from NC) but I want to start my own life and make my own way. Should I go home to my family and abandon my relationship or stay and work things out for the sake of our child?


Hopeful Holly

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  1. I’ve been following your blog and love the way your word speak so clearly and emotionally. Thank You. Can you tell me something I can change to get my message out? I was writting fiction before this and have following from that. I have 52,000 view on my google plus and many facebook friends. I really want to tell of different stories as well as my own… what do u suggest? anything would help because i feel like i’m just spendiing more money without cause.



    1. Thank you for your kind words. I really appreciate you for stopping by my blog. I suggest you starting your own blog and you can post whatever you want! Your blog content will be relevant and personal to you. You can then share your links on social media outlets for maximum exposure. Its all in how much you work your content out there, social media is the easiest way. WordPress is a great platform. Go for it. Best of luck! BeeXx



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