WATCH: Fed Up ‘Southern Momma’ Shoots Kid’s Cell Phone As Punishment 

Lol! This is my kinda mom! I wholeheartedly respect a mom who takes charge of her young, especially when they’re out of lineShe’s quite the sharp shooter too! 

In the middle of her speech she says, “get a shot of them” as the cameraman pans her 3 children who appear horrified to see their phones blown to smithereens. 

That’ll learn em’!

Peep the story and fire off in the comments.

A mother in Georgia has had enough of her children’s foul attitude – and she’s blaming their social media on it. So she took her gun to it.

In a video posted on YouTube, titled “Southern Momma Has Had Enough!!!,” the woman declares her hatred for social media in an extreme way.

“I hereby denounce the effects of social media have on my children; their disobedience and disrespect,” the woman said. And then, the phone is blown to pieces.

Check her out:

Source | WSBTV 


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