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ASK BEE: My boyfriend has become distant and verbally abusive.

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I met this guy at my job about 7 months ago and he pursued me heavily. At first I wasn’t interested in a relationship with him but over time his persistence wore me down and I agreed to go on a date with him. We began casually dating and after 4 months of dating we started a sexual relationship.

Since becoming official he has become disrespectful, absent and always tries to make me feel as though I was the one chasing him. While digging around looking for evidence of him cheating I also found out that he was a convicted felon on parole for selling drugs, something I am totally against.

We argue constantly, some of which have gotten extremely verbal and he has called a bitch on more than one occasion. After the fights he always brings me gifts and says he’s sorry and blames his temper on his past not growing up with a mother. He says he wants to have a family and get married but he still stays out all night at clubs, strip clubs in particular.

I have grown to care about him but this relationship is stressful. I know all couples have disagreements but I am wondering if I should end the relationship for good or give it time to see if things get better?


Clearly Confused

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ASK BEE: I’m pregnant and my child’s father is locked up.

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I met my boyfriend about 6 months ago at a local nightclub and things between us moved really fast. We fell in love and moved in together within 2 months of dating. After living together about 1-1/2 months I found out I was pregnant. I was excited, this will be my first child and this will be his 3rd child. Right after finding out I was pregnant he got arrested on a probation violation charge and went to jail. Right now we’re expecting him to be in for almost a year and it has really been rough on me & my pregnancy.  My family wants me to move back home (I am originally from NC) but I want to start my own life and make my own way. Should I go home to my family and abandon my relationship or stay and work things out for the sake of our child?


Hopeful Holly

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ASK BEE: My roommate moved her bummy boyfriend in.

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My roommate and I have been living together for about 8 months. She had already owned and lived in the townhouse and claimed she needed help financially, so I decided to move in with her and save money while I complete my final semester in college.

When I first moved in, she and I were both single. We never discussed what would happen in terms of our living arrangement if one of us got into a relationship but I never expected her to move some guy in 5 months after I moved in! Talk about desperate.

Since her new “boyfriend” moved in, things have been a little strange to say the least. I am not comfortable sharing a living space with a couple and sometimes she makes me feel out of place by being there. He doesn’t work and in the 3 months he has been there, he eats food that I purchased and sleeps all day long while telling her he is looking for a job. I stay in my room and out of their space because I don’t want any weird interactions.

I know it is her house and she can move in whom she pleases, but I just wished I had known that she would be shacking up with her boyfriend, or I would have never moved in with her. I have lots of other roommate options and I would prefer to live with someone who is considerate of my space.

Should I cut my losses and move now before things get extremely strange?


Runaway Roomie

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