85 Year Old GA Woman Serving 10 Year Sentence For Killing Cheating Boyfriend


Lena Driskell, then 78, shot and killed her former boyfriend at Atlanta Housing Authority’s Hightower Manor in June 2005.

Driskell didn’t want to end a romance with her neighbor, widower Herman Winslow.

But Winslow, 85, had found another girlfriend.

Winslow was sitting on a couch in the lobby of the high rise, reading a newspaper when Driskell, wearing a hair net, support stockings, bathrobe and slippers, put a gun to his temple and fired four times.


When the police arrived, she waved the gun at them and said: 

“I did it, and I’d do it again.”

Driskell, now 86, was convicted of voluntary manslaughter and is serving a 10-year sentence at Pulaski State Prison.

Wow! So this is what there is to look forward to with dating! Even as a senior citizen! 

I wonder how she feels about her love rage crime now that’s she’s locked up at 86.  

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Author: brandycavalli

Today's post was by Brandy "Bee" Cavalli. Brandy is an international marketer, freelance writer based in Atlanta, GA.

4 thoughts on “85 Year Old GA Woman Serving 10 Year Sentence For Killing Cheating Boyfriend”

  1. He wasnt a victim. He was a player who this time played the wrong woman and it bit him in the ass.

    Herman had pursued her for months before she finally gave in and went out with him. Her sharing her finances with him even opening a checking account with him was im also sure HIS idea. Theyd just gotten back from a trip to daytona a few days before he dumped her telling lena hed found someone else. Greener pastures. Most likely someone who had more to offer in the way of resources. He was a con artist. These men and women dont get that use people they become involved with one day its going to come back to bite them. Herman Winslow was a self serving jerk and he deserved everything he got. However i do feel sorry for his family. Who most likely didnt know the whole story about the aspects of his life and nature he kept hidden from them. Narcissists are good at that.


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