Gun-packin Grandma Has a Message For Neighborhood Spice Dealers

fox5sandiego – Fed up and armed with a gun, a grandmother is trying to take back her neighborhood from the drug dealers she says ripped it apart.

Jonnie McIntosh gave WXIN her message for any criminals at work near her Haughville, Indiana block: “It is loaded. Get your drugs and get out of my neighborhood.”

McIntosh said two of those suspected drug dealers threatened to shoot her and her 70-year-old husband over a drug deal on Tuesday.

He pulled his gun out and when I saw the gun come out that is when I grabbed my gun,” McIntosh said.

The no-nonsense granny said she grabbed her loaded Glock when the suspects demanded $20.00 for her grandson’s Spice debt.

If you are stupid enough to sell it to these kids, you get what you deserve,” McIntosh said.

McIntosh told WXIN that her grandson just overdosed on Spice two weeks ago.

I do not see what they get out of it,” she said. “Who wants to sit there passed out and do not have a clue what is going on around them.”

McIntosh is trying to help him get clean, but said Spice dealers are on every street near her house on N. Berwick.

Spice has been an ongoing issue for police in Indianapolis. Just this month, emergency crews recorded runs to nearly a dozen drug overdoses within a mile of McIntosh’s home.

Back in my day, it was marijuana and Boones Farm wine. That is all my parents had to worry about. This stuff has bug spray in it and all kinds of chemicals. Whatever they decide to spray on it. Any way that they can get high,” McIntosh said.

Just last year, McIntosh’s pregnant granddaughter, 18-year-old Brittany McNew, was murdered near Haughville.

She died over a drug deal because a guy decided to rob another guy for heroin and Spice,” said McIntosh.

This grandma is not ready to lose another loved one to the drug trade and said she will do whatever it takes to stop the dealers.

Get off your lazy rump and get a job. Quit pushing drugs on these kids,” McIntosh said.

Check out this documentary about the spice drug.

85 Year Old GA Woman Serving 10 Year Sentence For Killing Cheating Boyfriend


Lena Driskell, then 78, shot and killed her former boyfriend at Atlanta Housing Authority’s Hightower Manor in June 2005.

Driskell didn’t want to end a romance with her neighbor, widower Herman Winslow.

But Winslow, 85, had found another girlfriend.

Winslow was sitting on a couch in the lobby of the high rise, reading a newspaper when Driskell, wearing a hair net, support stockings, bathrobe and slippers, put a gun to his temple and fired four times.


When the police arrived, she waved the gun at them and said: 

“I did it, and I’d do it again.”

Driskell, now 86, was convicted of voluntary manslaughter and is serving a 10-year sentence at Pulaski State Prison.

Wow! So this is what there is to look forward to with dating! Even as a senior citizen! 

I wonder how she feels about her love rage crime now that’s she’s locked up at 86.  

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