Ohio Robber Tells Clerk “I’m Just Messing With You” After Failed Robbery 


A man in an armed robbery at an Ohio convenience store told the clerk, “I’m just messing with you,” after the clerk told him to get out of the store. 


The man, armed with a knife, was wearing a black mask over his face when he walked up to the clerk. The clerk can be heard asking the robber several times if he is kidding, and the robber responds, “No.” A moment later, the robber starts laughing, pulls off his face mask and says, “I’m just messing with you.”

The clerk yells at the robber to get out. He apologizes, and walks out.

The clerk said she recognized the robber by his eyeglasses and voice.

Wow! 😐 This guy must be the friendliest robber in crime land! For some, crime really DOESN’T pay!

Do you think this silly robber was really just “messing” around or was this really a horribly failed robbery attempt?

I think it’s important to notate that the store clerk was a female. Just FYI.

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