Rapper Lil Kim’s Ex Boyfriend D “World” Hardy On Trial For 6 Murders And Racketeering


Throwback picture of Lil “Queen Bee” Kim and Damion “World” Hardy in happy times.

Damion “World” Hardy — Lil Kim’s ex-boyfriend — went to trial on Wednesday for allegedly ordering multiple murders and leading a drug gang, all dating back to a decade ago.

Hardy was reportedly the leader of a gang called the Cash Money Brothers, which is accused of commiting multiple murders and importing and trafficking narcotics for more than a decade, according to the New York Times. Hardy was first arrested in 2004 for his involvement in drug trafficking.
In January 2008, Hardy was charged with “racketeering conspiracy, narcotics trafficking conspiracy, use of firearms and six murders in aide of racketeering,” according to court documents. He’s accused of ordering the assassination of a bouncer at a Brooklyn roller-skating rink in 1998 and that of a former bodyguard of Mike Tyson in 2003, according to NY Daily News.

“He handed out death sentences with a simple line: ‘he has to go,'” prosecuted Rena Paul said during Brooklyn Federal Court. “World’s order was to kill on sight.”

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In 2008, a United States Bureau of Prisons psychologist examined Hardy and concluded that he suffers from schizophrenia, and that he was “incompetent to to stand trial.” Hardy was ordered to be medicated while incarcerated, in order to be “competent to stand trial in six murders” and also because he had reportedly attacked guards and inmates, according to the NY Daily News. On Wednesday, Judge Frederic Block of Federal District Court in Brooklyn found Hardy “mentally competent.”

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