Jamaica’s Former Prime Minister Testifies That He Was Not Under The Dudus Coke Code Of Silence


Former Prime Minister Bruce Golding testifies during Tivoli Enquiry trial in Jamaica.

Bruce Golding has testified that he is not afraid of Christopher ‘Dudus ‘ Coke and that he wasn’t under a code of silence.

“Mr Golding, were you afraid of Dudus?” Linton Gordon, who is representing the JDF asked.

“No, I wasn’t,” Golding responded.

He was also asked by Gordon if he was under a code of silence and “that you cannot speak freely”, but Golding said, “No sir, I was just giving context”.

Gordon asked Golding about a code of silence because of his long, winding response to a question about garrison politics and his reference to Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller’s South West St Andrew constituency. Golding said too that Coke was “very dominant in the west Kingston constituency when he (Golding) became member of Parliament there.

Paul Henry

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