“Balls of Steel: What Makes Writers Fail” or “What If…You Believed in Yourself”

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Great post I discovered in my inbox from Script magazine, “Balls of Steel: What Makes Writers Fail.”  Plenty of articles on writing good scripts but no one can claim on knowing how to break in. Here, the author doesn’t even try.  And, of course, I read it to see if there was anything I was doing!

After reading it, I think it’s a list to keep yourself happy as a writer, no matter what your definition of success.  If your definition of “success” changes — as it must in an industry which often overlooks the original, fresh and energetic for the reboot, sequel or remake — so must your definition of “failure.” An alternative title for this article could be “What If…You Believed in Yourself.” Love that! The author’s comments are the true reflections of the kind of generous spirit she reflects in the article.

I’m not at all cynical…

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