GoFundMe Fundraisers Created for Atlanta Mass Shooting Survivors

Photo Credit: Yahoo News / Deion Patterson

On May 3, 2023 evil and tragedy hit Atlanta in the form of another mass style shooting. What’s alarming for me is the location was less than 2 miles from my office in Midtown. Luckily I was working remotely and not in the office. Word of an active shooter sent the city into absolute mayhem.

23-year-old Lutha Matundu said she hasn’t been back to work since the shooting on May 3 (2023).

Check out what she explained happened to Atlanta’s Channel 2 News that horrific day Deion Duwane Patterson showed up late at Northside Hospital for an appointment. In the end, one person was killed and 4 others were injured.

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WATCH: Bystander Footage of Texas Mall Shooter After Being Killed by Authorities

Bystander footage shows the corpse of the mall shooter who opened fire on unsuspecting customers including small children in Allen, Texas. The shootings happened in broad daylight on Saturday May, 6 2023 as people went about their day shopping at a local outlet mall.

As of now there is still very little known about the shooter or the motive.

Watching some of the videos of during and after the killings is absolutely horrifying.

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WATCH: Eerie Video of Nashville School Shooter Arriving Moments Before Shooting

I am so sickened by this. There has to be something done to protect children and staff at schools. School is no longer a safe haven for kids and as of today gun violence is the leading cause of children’s deaths in the United States.

It’s so sad that three children and three adults were gunned down by this maniac before she was ultimately swatted and killed by the police.

It’s very eerie and triggering to watch her pace the halls with a loaded AR15 rifle looking for anyone to execute.

Anti-gun lobbyists believe that stricter gun laws would prevent these types of shootings. I think it’s a mental health crisis more than anything. Either way I’d like to see something change immediately as there is nowhere safe or immune from these types of tragedies.

Protecting children should be the first and main objective on the agenda.

Here is body camera video from Nashville Police of the confrontation with the killer.

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