Law Changes Proposed To Help Ex Criminal Offenders Find Work

How does an Employment Background Check Work_(1)It comes as figures show three-quarters of employers admit they discriminate against job applicants with a criminal record.

Ministers are to consult on proposals to modernize the law which means people must disclose their convictions from the past four years.

But the government stressed the change would not affect those convicted of serious offenses or those seeking work with children or the elderly.

A research report said the majority of employers admitted they discriminate against job applicants, while the government said it was eight times more difficult for an ex-offender to get a job than for someone with a clean record.

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10 Year Girl Who Was Raped By Stepfather Denied An Abortion


A 17-year-old who said she was raped by her stepfather attends a demonstration in Ciudad del Este, Paraguay. Photo: Peter Prengaman


A pregnant 10-year-old girl from Paraguay is the center of a heated debate after being denied an abortion by her home country, Boston’s WFXT reports.

The girl was reportedly raped by her stepfather and is now 22 weeks into her pregnancy, according to CNN. Her mother wants her to have an abortion, but the government has denied the request because abortion is illegal in Paraguay unless the mother’s health is in jeopardy.

“Right now, there is no reason to interrupt the pregnancy,” a public health representative told USA Today, adding that it may be more dangerous for her to have an abortion at this stage of her pregnancy.

The mother initially reported the stepfather’s sexual abuse in early 2014 with no results. The mother was arrested when she brought the 10-year-old to the hospital because her belly was swollen. The stepfather is now on the run, according to CNN.


The girl’s stepfather, who is accused of raping her, was arrested over the weekend and placed in isolation to prevent other inmates from attacking him. The girl’s mother is being held at a female prison for neglecting to take care of her daughter.

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Bill O’Reily Denies Beating His Wife In Front Of Their Children

Hypocritical much?

Mr. O’Reily loves throwing stones, and apparently he himself lives within his own glass house.

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Bill O’Reily Denies Beating His Wife In Front Of Kids

Fox News pinhead Bill O’Reily has recently been accused of beating his wife multiple times in front of their kids after divorce documents were released. Should we blame his actions on rap music or nah?

Via Gawker:

Three weeks ago, a Nassau County Supreme Court justice ended a bitter three-year custody dispute between Fox News anchor Bill O’Reilly and his ex-wife, Maureen McPhilmy, by granting custody of the couple’s two minor children to McPhilmy. Though nearly all documents pertaining to New York family court cases are sealed, Gawker has learned that the justice in the case heard testimony accusing O’Reilly of physically assaulting his wife in the couple’s Manhasset home.

According to a source familiar with the facts of the case, a court-appointed forensic examiner testified at a closed hearing that O’Reilly’s daughter claimed to have witnessed her father…

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Your Fingerprint Can Reveal Cocaine Use

cocaineAccording to a new study, drug testing for cocaine may not require urine or blood samples in the near future. Researchers are testing a new process that could detect cocaine use by identifying traces of metabolized cocaine that is produced on a user’s fingertips.

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Scientists can already tell from people’s fingerprints if they’ve touched cocaine, but a new study goes one step further, showing that fingerprints can now also reveal whether a person has ingested the drug. The study, published in Analyst, may pave the way for simpler drug testing that doesn’t require urine or blood.

In a small study, a team of researchers analyzed the fingerprints of a handful of patients in drug treatment centers using a process called mass spectrometry. Someone who uses cocaine excretes components of metabolized cocaine called benzoylecgonine and methylecgonine. The study authors showed they were able to detect the cocaine components in the residue left by the patients’ fingerprints on glass through the mass spectormetry chemical analysis technique.

“These results provide exciting opportunities for the use of fingerprints as a new sampling medium for secure, non-invasive drug detection,” the researchers write in their study. “The mass spectrometry techniques used here offer a high level of selectivity and consume only a small area of a single fingerprint, allowing repeat and high throughput analyses of a single sample.”

If such a technique could be made portable, the researchers believe it could possibly provide a simpler and less invasive alternative to current drug testing.