Pennsylvania Football Players Accused Of Killing Wild Animals & Posting Pics On Instagram

CLEVELAND TOWNSHIP, Pa. — Five high school football stars in Pennsylvania have been cited after allegedly beating numerous animals to death and posing with their corpses. The five teens are facing fines for illegally killing wild animals and then posting a picture with their kills on Instagram, according to WNEP. An uncensored photo of the…

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Remember the stiff consequences/backlash star NFL player Mike Vick came under for running a dog fighting ring out of his Virginia mansion? Vick is now a proud animal advocate & works with various charible organizations to prevent animal abuse & neglect.

Let’s see if there is any public backlash for these guys. 

Sea Animals Being Tortured For Selfish Selfies

Lately more & more videos and photos are popping up online of beach goers catching and basically torturing exotic sea creatures in order to take pictures & videos with the animals.

The most recent photos show a baby La Plata dolphin in Argentina captured, then tossed aside in the sand like garbage once the spectators got their selfie photo ops.

Sadly, the dolphin which has a thick pleathery skin, must remain in water to remain hydrated. It died of dehydration as people continued to snap pictures of its corpse.

In this newest viral video below, a group of beach goers wheel a baby shark in to shore using what appears to be a standard fishing pole.

The shark, out of its natural marine habitat, can be seen desperately fighting to get back to water as one man wrestles it down into the dry sand. He then begins ‘humping’ the distressed animal as onlookers again laugh and take pictures and videos.

I’m no self proclaimed animal rights activist, but I think this kind of treatment is just cruel & inhumane. One of the first things learned in school was that fish and sea animals cannot survive out of water. It’s known fact.

Watching the video prompted me to brush up on a little research. Luckily sharks are pretty tough and when returned to H2O within a reasonable amount of time, they come out relatively unscathed.

Sharks are a unique ‘fish’ in that they can take the roughest handling and most abuse of any fish and can survive once returned to the waters, many minutes after fighting, landing, and then release.

Depending on the species of shark, time of the year, and any injuries the shark received during the fight, it is not unusual to see them swim away like nothing happened after an inordinate period out of the water.

Irregardless, keeping a “fish out of water” is like holding a human underwater and taking selfies as they die gasping for air. It’s barbaric & insensitive.

If these videos featured the discomfort of cats or dogs, the world would be outraged. Why don’t sea creatures get the same love?

Peep the video and let me know what you think.

Funny or not?

NFL Baller Michael Vick Lobbies To Protect Dogs 


Via Bossip– Even after almost 10 years, Michael Vick is still atoning for his dog-fighting transgressions back in 2007. 

To this day, there are still many people who cannot forgive the Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback for his mistreatment of animals. 

Vick is on a mission to change that stigma. 

According to ESPN, he met with legislators at the Pennsylvania state capitol to impress upon them the importance of passing a bill that protects dogs who are left in hot cars during the summer.

Vick is scheduled to meet with Pennsylvania lawmakers in support of PA House Bill 1516, or the pets in cars bill, which would give police officers authority to rescue dogs and cats from cars due to unsafe temperatures.

“I know that I’m an unlikely advocate,” Vick said through a representative. “I was part of the problem. Now, my perspective can help reach people that activists can’t reach. I can help others become agents of change.”

Schoolchildren from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, will accompany Vick to the state legislature to lobby the Democratic caucus, according to the spokesperson. 

Representatives Jake Wheatley Jr. and Ed Gainey will host the visit.

It’s extremely inspiring to see Mr. Vick not only switch up his bad boy ways after prison, but work endlessly to clean up his image and now put his support behind causes benefiting animals. Life is all about redemption and it looks like he is definetly on the right road. Good job MV!