Hollywood Actor Bruce Willis Is An Evil Crime Boss In “Precious Cargo” Trailer

In a fun reversal, Bruce Willis is playing the Hans Gruber role in the upcoming heist film Precious Cargo. In the film’s new trailer, Willis plays a crime boss named Eddie who manipulates Jack (Mark-Paul Gosselaar), “the Michelangelo of thieves,” into robbing an armored car full of gems. In exchange, Eddie will release Karen (Claire Forlani), whom he currently holds hostage after a botched job.

But things go south, as they always do, and soon it’s an all out grudge match between Jack’s “merry band of misfits” and Eddie’s crew over a safe worth half a billion dollars.

Precious Cargo is operating in full-on Fast and the Furious mode, full of sex, guns, car crashes, armored cars, and speedboats. The movie hits theaters and on-demand April 22. 

See the trailer:

Review: Narcos Season One

Subtle in detail, grand in scope, Narcos capitalizes on the idea that the truth is usually stranger than fiction. 
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Preview Screening Of Cartel Based Movie Sicario

In Denis Villeneuve’s Sicario, an FBI agent played by Emily Blunt is roped into a murky mission targeting a Mexican drug cartel that’s been piling up bodies on the American side of the border. 

Benicio Del Toro and Josh Brolin play two of her suspiciously close-mouthed and rule-bending handlers. Sicario is already playing in limited release […]

Read more and catch a preview of the trailer here

Gorilla Convict Exclusive: Top Gangster Wives In Film | The Pen Hustler

Just a little cool news in case you’ve been hiding under a rock for the last few weeks. I have taken my talents over to Gorilla Convict website as a featured writer! *insert applause*


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Log on and see which ladies made my list of Top Gangster Wives In Movies.  

Peep what lessons their stories of glamour & destruction taught us about being married to the game.