Wife of Mexican Drug Lord El Chapo Sentencing Delayed in Drug Conspiracy Case

Some legal analysts think Ms. Coronel is cutting a cooperation deal to shave off time from her sentence. But the reality, according to her attorney, is far less Hollywood-like. Coronel’s New York City attorney, Jeffrey Lichtman, says they are “working on financial issues.” Lichtman says a delay in sentencing occurs in about 95% of all federal sentences. He suggests reports elsewhere of a deal to testify against the cartel are fabricated.

Although the attorney for El Chapo’s wife didn’t provide details of what financial issues may have snagged the sentencing procedure, she is subject to fines of up to ten million dollars. Her plea agreement puts jail time at roughly nine years to a little more than eleven years. Coronel would be in her early forties when released and in need of a bank account, which may explain the attention to financial concerns said to be under discussion now.

Check out this video of Emma arriving to El Chapo’s trial in New York. She was known for her loyalty to the kingpin as well as her beauty, style & grace. He was sentenced to life in prison, plus 30 years.

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