White Man Named Tupac Shakur Arrested for Meth Possession in Tennessee

A man named Tupac A. Shakur — who, despite the name, is not to be confused with the long-dead rap legend — was arrested this weekend after allegedly threatening the police with a knife.

According to Fox News, Johnson City police officers responded to a call Saturday about the 40-year-old Shakur, who had active warrants for his arrest from another department, according to a news release. When officers arrived at the scene, they reported seeing Shakur leaving in a car.

Police tracked the vehicle and eventually attempted to arrest Shakur, but he twisted away and reached for his waistband, according to cops. Shakur then allegedly turned toward officers with a knife in his hand before cops were able to wrestle him to the ground. After a brief struggle, officers took Shakur into custody, the news release stated.

Police said they also found a syringe and multiple baggies of methamphetamine on Shakur.

Shakur was charged with aggravated assault, resisting arrest, simple possession of meth and unlawful drug paraphernalia. He was being held at the Washington County Detention Center on an $18,000 bond.

Welp one thing is for sure, if it were the black Tupac, he probably wouldn’t have made it out alive after fighting and pulling a knife of the popos!

It is unclear if Tupac Shakur is his given birth name or if he changed it to pay homage to the late great.

Author: brandycavalli

Today's post was by Brandy "Bee" Cavalli. Brandy is an international marketer, freelance writer based in Atlanta, GA.

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