‘Elephant Man Bandit’ Sentenced After Stealing $73,628 In 30 Bank Robberies


Anthony Hathaway was first known as the Cyborg Bandit because of the metallic fabric he used to cover his face during heists, then he began draping a shirt over his head and was dubbed the Elephant Man Bandit

Anthony Leonard Hathaway was old school. He dressed up, donned a pair of gloves and personally went door to door for his money. Two-and-a-half-dozen bank doors to be exact.

When the 46-year-old unemployed Everett, Wash., man went off to prison the other day, he ended what officials think may be a Northwest record for bank-robbing frequency: 30 holdups in a 1-year, 6-day span with a tax-free take of $73,628. That’s roughly two to three heists every month averaging around $2,450. At that rate, said the FBI’s Seattle Safe Streets Task Force, “he might top the list for sheer number of robberies in a one-year period.”

The FBI considers Carl Gugasian of Pennsylvania as the most prolific bank robber ever. Currently serving a 17-year-sentence, he robbed more than 50 banks, the agency said, making off with $2 million. But it took him 30 years.

Read the entire article | The Elephant Man Bandit, one of the Northwest’s most prolific bank robbers, ends

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