Prison Teacher Accused Of Having Sexual Relationship With New Jersey Prisoner


Chong-Hwa Chang

According to Trentonian reports prosecutors were tipped off about Chang and Walker’s relationship and obtained a warrant to search Chang’s home in Delran, New Jersey home. It was there that they found a journal that revealed illicit details of the 20 some encounters between the pair. Chang also revealed Walker impregnated her twice however one pregnancy ended in a miscarriage while the other was aborted. Chang’s phone also yielded other details into the relationship, which had become serious enough that she was close with his family and had even given gifts to his relatives and attended a family wedding.
Born in Korea, but now a naturalized citizen, Chang received a master’s degree from Rutger’s University and landed her job (for which she received a 72,292 salary) in 2007 through connections made by her father, a retired corrections officer.

Walker was convicted in 2004 after fatally shooting a man while robbing him at gunpoint. His victim is named as 23-year-old Javid Patel, a business student who was also working as a manager in his family’s coin laundry business. He was sentenced to 60 years behind bars and will not be eligible for parole until 2053.

While Chang and Walker’s interactions were consensual, prosecutors explain that her supervisory role at the prison gives cause to bring the sexual assault charges. Walker was not one of her students.

Chang’s bail was reduced from $75,000 to $50,000 during a hearing on Thursday.

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