CELEBRITY CRIME: Suge Knight Has Phone and Visitation Revoked In Jail

According to the NY Daily News, Suge Knight has been hit with some very deflating news while he sits in prison awaiting trail for the killing a man with his truck in 2015.

Jailed rap mogul Suge Knight has been stripped of family visitation and phone calls in a surprise move his fiancée called “unfair.”
A Los Angeles Superior Court judge halted Knight’s access to his parents, children and spiritual advisers in a decision handed down under seal.

The change was requested by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department as Knight remains locked up on charges he ran over two men with his truck — killing one of them — outside a burger restaurant in Compton in January 2015.

Suge’s fiancé, Toi-Lin is not happy about his phone & visitation being revoked and thinks the whole thing is unfair. 

“It’s absolutely not fair,” his fiancée Toi-Lin Kelly told the Daily News. “His rights were taken away with no explanation.”

She said the couple’s 6-year-old son was allowed to visit Knight in jail shortly before Thanksgiving but now must stay away.

“Suge was so prevalent in life. He used to take him to school and play with him before studio time. Now it’s nothing. They can’t even have a phone call,” she said.

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