Baltimore Mom Catches Son Rioting; Slaps Him Down & Drags Him Home


Mother of the Year: This mom is being called “mother of the year” after cameras captured her snatching her son from a Freddie Gray protest in Baltimore and disciplining him for his behavior.

Here’s the kind of mother more boys need! — or THE WORLD for that matter… 

On yesterday, the day of Freddie Gray’s funeral, high schoolers let their emotions get the best of them and threw rocks at police officers and set cars on fire inciting pure chaos in Baltimore., MD. 

This mother, Toya Graham, said she –like millions of us, watched the melee on television in disbelief and pure disgust.

She decided to get out and find her own 16 year old son –whom she did eventually find, wearing a hoodie, participating in the fray and (in her words) ‘just a mess’. 

On the now famous cell phone video, she grabs him (by the neck) and slapped him around, demanding he “take his a– home”–exactly what my mother would have done (and all mothers SHOULD for that matter).

Give this woman “Gangster Mom of the Year”.

We need more old school mothers like her that are not afraid to snatch their kids up and drag them off the streets, all in the name of love.

In my opinion, it’s better this mother slap her son up and drag him home, then the police or far worse-a fellow prisoner.

In years to come, he will thank his mother for being the kind of mother that cared enough to slap him around for doing wrong.

It’s all out of love and in the name of “old school” discipline.

Peep the video.

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