Dope Readz: ‘Lucky Luciano: Mysterious Tales of a Gangland Legend’ by Christian Cipollini

LuckyLampMy current free time read comes courtesy of True Crime Author (and my writing mentor) Christian Cipollini

Every now and then I am able to break free of writing my own material, grab a nice glass of wine and JUST READ. I was more than pumped  when my favorite writer sent me a copy of his newest book, Lucky Luciano: Mysterious Tales of a Gangland Legend.

The novel is a pretty dope read and I’m not just saying that because the author, “Cip” is my “crime partner”.


The story itself is so intriguing.

Out of all of the legendary gangsters, I would have to say that Lucky Luciano was probably one of my all time favorites. I love his “business mind” and how he did things, which was very unconventional for his time.

Reading up on “The Boss of All Bosses” made me realize what a forward thinker he actually was and how he in many ways “revolutionized” the mob and its dealings.

Luciano joined forces with anyone of his time that could help him earn money, power and respect and he didn’t care what race or nationality that “help” came from. My kind of guy.

Below is the very clever chapter listing of the book.

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Purchase the book on AMAZON



Visit Christain Cipollini’s official website Gangland Legends

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