Rapper Drake Pays Homage To The Jamaican Shower Posse Gang On ‘Two On’ Track

drake Rapper Drake references the Jamaican Shower Posse in new single. In Young Money artist Drake’s song, “Two On” he raps:

“Comin’ from the 6 side, Where niggas goin’ Shower Posse just to get by.” – “Two On”

The reference pays homage to the infamous Shower Posse gang, one of the most vicious cartels of the Caribbean.

“Bebe” administrator of The Jamaican Don Blog, told The Pen Hustler exclusively that the family has “love” for Drake and that he’s welcome in Kingston anytime:

“Much Love [and] Nuff Respect fi Drizzy. We love him bad in Kingston.

Shower Posse80

The Shower Posse was formed in the rough and ruthless ghetto of Kingston, Jamaica in the 1970’s. The gang, originally headed by Lester Coke, father of Christopher Dudus Coke, is the subject of numerous true crime television shows and documentaries.

jamaica_s_gang_wars Weapons found on a Shower Posse captain following arrest. The Shower Posse began their drug operation from smuggling marijuana internationally to taking over the drug game in the 1980’s when they stepped into the cocaine trade.

The “Shower Posse” allegedly got its name from “showering opposing gangs with bullets” during drug wars. Vicious shootouts were their specialty.

The gang spread during the 80’s to various cities in the United States–including New York, Atlanta &Miami, Canada as well as its homeland origin, the Caribbean.

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