Throwback Special: Oprah Winfrey Visits Racist Atlanta Town Where No Black Person Had Lived For 75 Years

In the following video, Oprah Winfey took her talk show to Forsyth County- Georgia, a town only about 30 miles north of Atlanta, to tackle race relations.
In 1987, Forsyth County was proudly an ‘all white’ county and a hotbed for racism fueled by the KKK. At the time, not one black person had lived there for 75 years!

Needless the to say the town ‘locals’ were NOT thrilled to see Oprah (or her show) which had only been on air 5 months at the time. In true KKK fashion they put on their robes, flew their confederate flags, protested and chanted “Go Home N-gger!

The real tragedy is 30 years later not much has changed in terms of the race relationship between blacks & whites, especially in the south. The question is will it ever?

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