Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Star Wanted for Questioning

The King Family. (L-R) Scrapp DeLeon, Karen KK King, Sas

Lyndon Akhil Smith aka Sas, youngest son of Karen ‘KK’ King, is wanted by the APD in connection to a murder the cops think he witnessed.

The King family are no strangers to crime as Karen King was charged years ago for allegedly having her sons severely beat their father, almost leaving him dead. KK was eventually acquitted of those charges but later found herself in hot water after allegedly using stolen credit cards in an Atlanta Saks Fifth Ave store. She took the case to trial and with the help of famed entertainment attorney Drew Findling, beat those charges as well.

In 2016 Sas was shot in the head but survived. His older brother, who also appeared on ‘Love & Hip Hop Atlanta,’ known as Scrapp DeLeon is currently incarcerated on drug charges, a storyline that played out on the show.

According to KK’s Instagram timeline, her oldest son was recently released from prison. His charges are unknown.

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’s Karen “KK” King Drags Co-Star Tommie Lee To Hell And Back On Instagram Live

Woo! Karen ‘KK’ King is probably one of my favorite reality tv moms. She reminds me of a crazy cool ass OG chick from the hood. I know a million Karen Kings.


In the video below, KK jumps on her InstaLive to set the record straight about Tommie Lee who used to date KK’s son, Scrap DeLeon, who is currently incarcerated on drug charges. Personally, I do not have Instagram so I usually miss out on all of “the gram” beefs and shenanigans but this beef is quickly making its way across the internet streets.

Tommie and KK started off as friends who used to run credit card/fraud schemes, and like most friendships, especially those in the limelight, they had a major fall out. KK says that Tommie got on Snapchat and “came for her” resulting in her verbally annihilating Tommie in the video below.

Check out the backstory on Karen ‘KK’ King who has quite the colorful past of her own. She was once the subject of “America’s Most Wanted” in which she was a fugitive on the run for allegedly attempting to have her sons’ father murdered, at the hands of her sons. According to WPTV, in 2013 she was arrested at her boyfriend’s home in Vero Beach, Fl and was in possession of credit cards and ID’s which were not her own.


Karen ‘KK’ King mugshot following America’s Most Wanted airing.

Check out the full 1 hour video of Karen ‘KK’ King unleashing pure hellfire and brimstone on Tommie Lee.

Check out to see the clip of Tommie going off on her mother as well as the infamous Snapchat that started this whole beef with KK, who seemingly was trying to help Tommie and her mother work past their differences.

You cannot make this kind of drama up. Its too good for tv, but thank goodness for these internet streets. Grab some popcorn and sound off in the comments section!