Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Karen King Asks For Money For Son’s Surgery On GoFundMe 


Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s Karen King is attempting to raise money for her son Sas’s surgery but unfortunately no one seems to be interested. 

As reported earlier this month, Sas was shot in the head. He is expected to survive the bullet in the back of his head but surviving those hospital bills is another story.

Karen King posted the following IG post with a goal of $50,000 to help pay for his surgery expenses.


The Internet lit up wondering why/how Karen King, after being arrested for fraud and shoplifting, is asking her “fans” to take up the hospital bill for her son despite flossing Bentleys, Maseratis & her “designer duds” on her Instagram account. The main question posed by fans is why Sas didn’t have health insurance? I am no mathematician but something is not adding up here! 

So far the GoFundMe has only raised $40, and judging by the comments posted, the two donations were from relatives. Miss Karen ‘KK’ King has since deleted the post asking for the money. 

The following poster ‘Tony Tone’ had this to say:

The GoFundMe page is still up and accepting donations. If you would like to donate to Sas’ Surgery Fund, click here

Do you agree with ‘Tony Tone’ that the Kings are attempting to use sympathy to scam “fans” out of their cold hard cash? If so, the plot seemingly has foiled. 


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