Hollywood Actor Johnny Depp Becomes Crime Boss Whitey Bulger


American actor transforms into criminal gangster Whitey Bulger in the new film, “Black Mass”.

Johnny Depp is one of my absolute favorite Hollywood actors of all time, especially when he plays a gangster.

He won my heart and money when he starred in the “Hollyhood” blockbuster, “Blow” –a biopic about the American cocaine smuggler George Jung.

I was more than excited to hear he was back on the gangster scene with his portrayal of Irish crime boss Whitey Bulger.

“Black Mass” will be in theaters in the fall, and I have already prepared a safe place for the DVD deep within my bountiful gangster flick collection.

Right next to “Blow”…

Peep the trailer below!

Via Time:

Johnny Depp is famous for taking on roles that require some serious transformations, but decades into his career, it’s still a shock to see him as Boston crime boss Whitey Bulger in the trailer for Black Mass. The actor is nearly unrecognizable in the somewhat unconventional trailer, which mostly consists of one derailed dinner party scene to convey just how creepy and threatening Bulger, a convicted murder currently in prison, could be.

Black Mass, which also stars Kevin Bacon and Benedict Cumberbatch, hits theaters Sept. 18.

“Hollywood vs The Mob: Fact vs Fiction”

Hollywood Vs_ The Mob_ Fact Vs_ Fiction R1 TV Fro

I have a confession to make. I love a good gangster movie. Like, really love. While most girls prefer a romance or comedy or even a romantic comedy–I prefer a crime flick. If the crime is organized, even better. That being said, one day while strolling through Wal-Mart I stumbled across one of the best buys in the $5 DVD bin that I could ever imagine (besides the Cashmere Mafia DVD collection series (which has absolutely nothing to do with the real mafia) that I scored for $1 at Target but we’ll talk about that later).

At the top of the discounted pile of movies and cds was “Hollywood vs The Mob: Fact vs Fiction”. I tend to collect crime movies of any kind, especially if they’re on sale. From “The Godfather” to ‘Goodfellas” to “Shottas”, I own them all. This flick was $5 and I couldn’t resist, for 5 bucks it was worth the gamble to see if I’d like it –couldn’t hurt right? Well, needless to say –I ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT! This DVD showcases Hollywood’s portrayal of the mob vs the real mob and “separates truth from myth”. Continue reading →