A Bad Sport Is Bad Business –Even In Sports


Cam Newton at post game interview. Superbowl 50. Photo: ESPN

After umpteen preseason and Sunday night- Monday night season games, Super Bowl 50 claimed its new ‘champion of champions’ and unfortunately this go round for Cam Newton, it wasn’t Cam Netwon.

The Denver Broncos and veteran QB Peyton Manning claimed the bling by defeating QB Cam Newton,26, and the Carolina Panthers in the most watched rivalry game of the 50th season. After coming up short, Mr. Cam “Superman” Newton ‘was not there’ for the the post game interview. Like, at all. Problem is, it’s part of his job.

After seeing Cam storm out, I can honestly say that as a supporter I was a little disappointed in his lack of composure and overall disrespect for the game- the opportunity. Millions of players would have probably given anything for that kind of opportunity.

Instead, the young Atlanta native let his emotions get the better of him and reacted to the team’s loss by pouting (at times) arms crossed, refusing to answer questions (or at best offering up fizzled out one word “yes” or “no” responses) then ultimately walking out of the interview all together. No final words, no apologies, world still watching–whole nine yards.

Trust, as a highly competitive competitor, I understand his hurt in not winning (not really because he makes gazillions of dollars to do what he does and I don’t)– or at best I can at at least empathize. He WANTED this win, his ego NEEDED this win and with at least 100 million people watching and millions betting, there’s a ton of money on the line. The stakes were extremely high. I get it. All of the pressure aside, losing doesn’t give an excuse for that kind of unprofessionalism. It’s uncool. Besides, I don’t believe in letting ’em’ see you sweat but we’ll blame emotions for now.

Hopefully for his sake and the sake of his pockets, Superman’s people will wheel him back in and remind him of what proper business etiquette means. True, it is football, but it’s certainly business for him.  He’s a multi million dollar guy now. Poor sportsmanship etiquette is a quick way to gain a reputation, and plus, it just looks bad. Matter of fact, it’s a horrible look for such a good looking guy. That’s not the look of  the new the face.

Based on age and talent, it’s probably a safe bet on “Superman” flying into plenty more Super Bowl stadiums during his NFL career. What happened Sunday can’t happen again, there will never be another chance to recover from that kind of fumble on the play. Too many people are watching.

Hopefully next time- if there is a next- he won’t let the world see him so defeated. The most important thing to remember here is that the kids are watching and they’re little human sponges. They soak up what they see and they follow examples. That was a poor example.

Unfortunately losing is a sour part of everyone’s life, but what really matters in the end is how we react to defeat. Our response to adversity is generally what people remember about us – be it good or bad. Poor sportsmanship is not what champions are made of, nor does it look good and in Cam’s case, it’s bad for his business. Besides, it’s just not sexy, and sexy he is!

Everyday provides a new opportunity to do better. Better luck next time…

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