Aunt Shirleen Debuts Her New Single: GODak Red

Somebody tell Cardi B the streets ain’t safe!

Shirleen is coming fresh from the “church senior talent show” for that #1 spot with her new single, “GODak Red.”

“They wanna know where I shop, I tell em pray and ask God.. “

*praying hands emoji*

Absolutely hysterical. 

Follow the actor & producer of these gutt busting skits Christianee Porter on her journey to becoming the next big star. I can’t believe nobody has signed her yet…. Can’t you see her in a Madea play or movie?… Her style is unique and I love how she plays different characters but Shirleen will always be my favorite. Give this girl a multimillion dollar deal!!! (Hint: Tyler Perry, Oprah…) 

This young lady is brilliant. I appreciate her sharing gift through the gift of laughter. I can’t get enough of her! 


Atlanta Auntie Shirleen Prays For Women To Stop Being So Desperate For Love

Some of you may remember “Aunt Shirleen” from her pleas to stop women from wearing waist shapers after her neice “fell out at the Red Lobster on Candler Road.” Hysterical. See the video here

Aunt Shirleen’s cries to “stop training your waist-ess” sent the internet into hysterics and branded her skits (in my opinion) alongside Tyler Perry’s “Madea” and Rickey Smiley’s “Sister Bernice Jenkins” as one of the funniest southern women impersonations of today’s time. I can’t get enough! If you’re from the south, you know a Aunt Shirleen or you HAVE a Aunt Shirleen.

Well Aunt Shirleen is back! This time she is calling an emergency church meeting to pray for her friend Bernice’s neice “Proserity” who “took a whole church van” down to the jail to date some prisoners. 

I laugh, but I was actually approached a couple years back by a casting agency to participate in a show about prison wives. After a few casting meetings, I respectfully declined, mainly because I wondered what the outside world would think. According to Aunt Shirleen I would’ve been “desprut” for love. Soon after, me and my “prisoner” went on to split. Thank God I dodged a bullet with that one! Literally.

Check out the hilarious video “Casting for Wives of Inmates” below and make sure to subscribe to her YouTube channel.