WATCH: Pompano Rapper Koly P Does Sign Language with a Deaf Fan

This is a dope ass moment.

I’ll be honest I have outgrown 99.8% of today’s rap music for the most part. I generally have no idea who the new artists even are.

Due to my age I just can’t get with the antics anymore but this is an antic I can always get with.

It’s so amazing when ordinary people can do extraordinary things. I’m sure this fan will never ever forget this encounter.


Donald Trump Defies Democrats, Gives Notice of All-Out Political Warfare on Impeachment

Donald Trump drove Democrats to the first crucial pivot point of their impeachment confrontation on Tuesday with a defiant declaration that his administration would not cooperate with the investigation.

In a fierce counter-attack after days of failing to control a torrent of damaging disclosures, the Trump White House branded the inquiry an illegal bid to overthrow the 2016 election and blocked testimony from a top diplomat. Continue reading →

WATCH: Wild Deer Crashes Through Salon Window

Check out the mortifying moment a bewildered deer crashes through a beauty salon storefront window terrifying the absolute sh*t out of the people inside.

That thing sounded off like a sawed off shotgun blast. Wow!

NSFW: Howard Stern’s Small Penis Invitational

Shock jock Howard Stern’s show was a gem during its time.

Check out this clip of his Small Penis Invitational in which male contestants compete for the small penis award. LOL.

Quick question – Um….Where did he find these people?!

I would have loved to co host this show.

Due to the nudity displayed, I have posted the link to the video below.