Take the Poll: Should You Be Able to Claim Self Defense Against the Cops?

Photo Credit: KTLA

Vice News — The night Wallace shot 26-year-old officer Jason Raynor in the head following a brief scuffle, the officer wouldn’t answer why he was being stopped in the first place.

Wallace currently faces a possibility of the death penalty for the officer’s death. Experts told VICE News that anyone who claims they used self-defense after injuring or killing a member of law enforcement is going to need way more than a legion of defenders online to prove their actions were legally justified, even under the most perspicuous of circumstances.

According to Colorado defense attorney Kevin Cahill, “Because the police are given kind of a wide array of power to do their job, that’s a tough play. That line between saying, ‘Hey, I’m defending myself’ and ‘I’m resisting arrest’ is very gray.”

Do you think civilians should be able to claim self defense against the police?

Take the poll and let me know.

Read more of this article on Vice News

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