Dylann Roof Will Represent Himself In Charleston Church Shooting Trial

Domestic racist terrorist Dylann Roof was ruled competent to stand trial after gunning down 9 innocent Black churchgoers in a horrific hate crime.

According to the NY Times:

The judge, Richard M. Gergel of Federal District Court in Charleston, called the request by Mr. Roof, 22, “strategically unwise,” but allowed him to have a lawyer present as backup.

“I do find defendant has the personal capacity to self-representation,” Judge Gergel said, according to The Post & Courier. He added, “It is a decision you have the right to make.”

Well, the best thing about this is, he will MOST CERTAINLY be prosecuted and executed for his demonic hateful crime. Fry slow asshole!


  1. In this article you call him an asshole and you hope he gets executed. Dylan Storm Roof has been convicted & sentenced to die. If you have read my posts, in another place https://thepenhustler.com/2015/03/07/two-of-the-youngest-women-on-death-row-describe-life-behind-bars/, you didn’t criticize the article sympathizing with these 2 murderesses, which was no surprise. But as I wrote there & will copy/paste or copy&paste here.

    These 2 women are murderess and deserve the same punishment as Dylan Storm Roof-either they must spend the rest of their lives in prison or execute them, though I don’t believe in death penalty. Yes, these 2 women likely had bad childhoods. Wouldn’t be surprised if Dylan Storm Roof had a bad childhood. My guess would be that if it’s true Dylan Storm Roof had a bad childhood, that you don’t care how bad it was because he murdered innocents @ a church. Yet for these 2 murderess, it doesn’t surprise me that you don’t criticize an article implying sympathy for 2 murderesses.



  2. 1 more thing to add to my post about Dylan Storm Roof-the people who we must care about are the victims families & even this mass murderer’s family. Dylan Storm Roof is a murderer, his family is not to blame how he turned out unless they encouraged him to do this. And again with my last post, it’s sick and evil to advocate sex abuse as punishment. Either give Dylan Storm Roof life in prison without parole or execute him.



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