WATCH: U.S. Inmates Produce Billions Of Dollars As A Result Of Forced Prison Labor

Prison really is BIG BUSINESS and crime truly does pay, if you’re in the “inmate” business. Unfortunately, about 98% of us are not.

Ladies and gents I am in pure disbelief. I obviously research crime & underworld happenings almost daily, but I never truly realized this was going on in OUR prisons, especially to this magnitude! Billions? … with a “B?”… No wonder if you blow a feather you’re going in! It’s business. 

With prisoners producing prisons this kind of money, along with corporations getting incentives for doing business with the prisons, it puts the mainstream job market at severe risk. To the system you’re worth more locked up. Think about it, why would a company want to hire an employee at $15/Hr (just throwing out a #) when they can pay prisoners CENTS/Hr to do that exact same job? Makes no sense and you know the old saying, therefore it makes no dollars. It’s not right or fair to anyone, except to the prisons themselves.

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