Chicago Rapper King Yella Gets Shot While Shooting A #BlackLivesMatter Video

It’s official. The gun violence in Chicago has got to stop. 

Peep this video of rapper King Yella getting shot at while filming a Black Lives Matter video in Southside Chicago.  

I swear being a rapper nowadays has got to be one of the most dangerous “jobs” out there. It’s becoming too common to see rappers shot at, attacked, robbed & etc. 

In order to convince ‘the powers that be’ that “Black lives do actually matter,” we have to start treating each other as such. 

Wow, Wow, WOW! [Click Here] if you care to see King Yella driving himself to the hospital following the drive by. A bullet went through his arm & grazed him on the side. 

In true rapper fashion, he also shot a hospital bedside video which appears to show him drinking liquor out the bottle & showing off his war wounds. [Click Here] to see that video. 

“They tried to take me out this sh-t, but God got me.” 

Just wow. Stop the gun violence! 

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