New Heroin With Elephant Tranquilizers Causes 90 ODs In One Week In Indiana

According to CNN, authorities in Ohio, Indiana and Florida are panicking about new batches of dope laced with the elephant tranquilizer carfentanil:

Carfentanil can slow breathing significantly. It’s not approved for human use but is used commercially to sedate large animals, such as elephants. About 2 milligrams can knock out a nearly 2,000-pound African elephant.
Many users may not know they are even taking the drug, officials have said, as dealers are cutting heroin with fentanyl analogues to give it a boost and stretch their supply.

Its potency is deadly, and it’s causing concern for those fighting the heroin epidemic, as recent overdose outbreaks in Ohio, Indiana and Florida have been linked to the drug.

WCPO in Cincinnati reports cops are even begging people to leave that smack alone:

“We’re urging you, please don’t do heroin right now,” said Newtown police Chief Tom Synan, head of the Hamilton County Heroin Task Force, “If for no other reason, because we don’t know what’s in the stuff on the street.”

Synan said the dealers know they’re distributing a deadly mix and they’re doing it on purpose.

“These people are intentionally putting in drugs they know can kill someone,” said Synan. “The benefit for them is if the user survives it is such a a powerful high for them, they tend to come back … If one or two people dies, they could care less. They know the supply is so big right now that if you lose some customers in their eyes there’s always more in line.”

What in the ENTIRE hell? Say NO to drugs people!

Author: brandycavalli

Today's post was by Brandy "Bee" Cavalli. Brandy is an international marketer, freelance writer based in Atlanta, GA.

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