Man Who Assaulted Dylann Roof Released On $100,000 Bond

The inmate who allegedly assaulted accused Charleston church shooter Dylann Roof has been released from jail. 

According to the The Daily News, Dwayne Stafford, 26, was released from the Charleston County Detention Center on $100,000 bond Friday, the day after Roof was punched in the jail’s shower area. 

The news outlet reports the 26-year-old had been behind bars since January 2015. He was arrested on first-degree assault and strong arm robbery charges. It’s unclear who paid for his release, but after the Thursday morning bathroom assault, Stafford’s fans organized a fundraiser to donate to his jail commissary account.

Dylann Roof is accused of the racially motivated massacre of nine African American parishioners last year at Charleston’s Emanuel AME Church. Charleston County Sheriff Al Cannon Jr. said that Roof, who is white, was out of his cell and on his way to the shower when the attack happened at the Charleston County Detention Center.

Although he was in protective custody, Roof, 22, was vulnerable because only one guard was in the area and he was fetching toilet tissue for another inmate, Cannon said. That allowed Stafford time to run down the stairs from his cell in the protective custody unit and assault Roof with his fists, the sheriff said.

No weapons were involved in the attack and Roof was able to return to his cell after being treated, Cannon said.

“The detention officer responded quickly and separated the two. The injuries that Roof received are relatively minor — some bruising around the face and the back. It appears he was struck with a fist and nothing more serious than that.”

Roof, who is being kept in protective custody because the nature of his alleged crimes could make him vulnerable to assault, said he did not want to press charges, Cannon said.

The attack brought praise on Twitter with calls for donations to Stafford’s jail commissary account.

Cannon gave no motivation for the beating. He said Stafford was able to attack Roof because guards had violated security procedures. Both guards weren’t on the floor of the unit and Stafford’s cell door was not checked to make sure it was secure before Roof was let out his cell, Cannon said.

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2 thoughts on “Man Who Assaulted Dylann Roof Released On $100,000 Bond”

  1. Dylan Storm Roof has been convicted of Murder 1 & got death penalty. While I don’t sympathize with him if it’s true he got beaten up in jail , the man who beat him up should do jail time for the unrelated robbery & assault & battery case, if indeed he committed robbery. Of course if this man Dwayne committed robbery, then the punishment should be fair based on facts and circumstances of his case, with no cruel and unusual punishment. Back to murderer Dylan Storm Roof-it’s comments people made about him here and my thoughts which I posted there as well.

    Dylan Storm Roof is evil and should never be free. Either give him life without parole or execute him as jury gave him death penalty. But there’s something which tunes me out. It’s comment were posters say F word him. I don’t understand why people say the F word because it’s sexual and the F word is so gay. Why do you say F word some1 if you hate them because F word means you want to have sex?

    Another thing which is bad is wishing sex abuse on some1. Now if you think Dylan Storm Roof should be executed for mass murder, then that’s 1 thing. But to wish sex abuse on some1 is evil, even if the person’s bad. Dylan Storm Roof is a mass murderer who should either spend the rest of his life in prison or be executed for what he did. But there’s no excuse for homosexual rape and any1 who does that or endorses that is sick.

    1 more thing about Dylan Storm Roof-the people who we must care about are the victims families & even this mass murderer’s family. Dylan Storm Roof is a murderer, his family is not to blame how he turned out unless they encouraged him to do this. And again with my last post, it’s sick and evil to advocate sex abuse as punishment. Either give Dylan Storm Roof life in prison without parole or execute him.


  2. Seeing what another site’s posters (American Renaissance posters) said about Dwayne Marion Stafford (Dwayne) beating up mass murderer Dylan Storm Roof in jail. On American Renaissance, posters were saying that Dylan Storm Roof is a mass murderer who killed innocents in a church & that while posters are White Nationalists, Dylan Storm Roof doesn’t help the White Nationalist cause by murdering innocents. 1 woman said that Dwayne Marion Stafford should not have committed assault & battery because the law must decide Dylan’s punishment, not other inmates. She also said that Dwayne shouldn’t be made a hero as he has criminal history before this incident. My thoughts to her comments.

    Inmates must not attack other inmates, even if the inmate who is beaten up is a mass murderer or a child molester. Dylan Storm Roof should be punished legally & if they decide to execute him, then so be it. Dylan Storm Roof should not have been beaten up in jail, but I don’t sympathize with Dylan Storm Roof getting beaten up by Dwayne Marion Stafford, just as I don’t sympathize with child molesters getting beaten up by other inmates. I don’t think child molesters should be beaten up by other inmates-they should either be in prison for rest of lives or if they had death penalty for child molestation, I wouldn’t care except when it’s proven some1 convicted is innocent.

    As to Dwayne Marion Stafford-if he did commit robbery, assault & battery, then he should be punished, only the punishment should be fair. If he is guilty, then hopefully Dwayne Marion Stafford will change his life for better after this and become a nice citizen for rest of his life doing ordinary things such as having a woman in his life and having kids. Committing robbery while wrong, is far less serious crime than murdering people in a church. There’s hope for Dwayne Marion Stafford to change for better if he is a robber. There’s no hope for mass murderer Dylan Storm Roof because his crime is so bad that he should either be in prison for rest of his life or he should be executed.

    If you have read my posts, in another place, you didn’t criticize the article sympathizing with these 2 murderesses, which was no surprise. These 2 women are murderess and deserve the same punishment as Dylan Storm Roof-either they must spend the rest of their lives in prison or execute them, though I don’t believe in death penalty. Yes, these 2 women likely had bad childhoods. Wouldn’t be surprised if Dylan Storm Roof had a bad childhood. My guess would be that if it’s true Dylan Storm Roof had a bad childhood, that you don’t care how bad it was because he murdered innocents @ a church. Yet for these 2 murderess, it doesn’t surprise me that you don’t criticize an article implying sympathy for 2 murderesses.


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