Rap Legend Notorious BIG Inspires New TV Series

According to BOSSIP:

If you never thought you’d see a TV show based around the life of an iconic black rapper, think again.

TBS is working on a scripted T.V. series called Think B.I.G. that will be loosely based on the life of Biggie.

Yep, you read it right. The show is currently in development and will draw from Biggie’s true story of growing up in Brooklyn and trying to make a better life for himself and family at the tender age of 21.

We haven’t gotten wind about the cast or who will be playing the rapper but we certainly hope they choose someone who can get it right. It should be interesting to see what TBS network will do with this storyline.

Will YOU be watching?

Speaking of Biggie, can you believe it’s almost been 20 years since he passed away? In honor of hip hop’s tragic loss, win a chance to get a free copy of the movie ‘Notorious’ on Bluray by entering your email here

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