Flirty Text Messages Between Actress And Drug Lord ‘El Chapo’ Revealed


Mexican actress Kate del Castillo caught the attention of the convicted drug lord after she sent a boozy, ill conceived tweet back in 2012.

In a tweet, she told Joaquín ‘El Chapo’ Guzmán:

‘Wouldn’t it be cool if you started trafficking with the good? Come on senor, you would be the hero of heroes. Let’s traffic with love.’

Her public admiration for Guzman caught his attention and one of his attorneys reached out to her to requesting a meeting.

A mutual admiration flourished when the drug lord offered del Castillo the rights to his life story.

But things became more intimate when the star was given a blackberry by Guzman’s people so he could ‘hear from her directly’.

At this point Guzman had escaped from the maximum security Altiplano prison, something del Castillo said she was ‘celebrating over’.

In September 2015, Guzman wrote that he would love for her to spend a day with him at a near by ranch and added:

‘Amiga, if you’ll bring the wine, I’ll also drink yours. . . . I’m not a drinker, but your presence will be a lovely thing and I very much want to get to know you and become very good friends. You are the best in this world. . . . I will take care of you more than I do my own eyes.’

In an in-depth interview with the actress with New Yorker, del Castillo revealed her reply:

‘It moves me so much that you say you’ll take care of me—nobody has ever taken care of me, thank you! And I’ll be free next weekend!’

He later wrote:

‘I’m not a drinker, but with you I’ll drink to the feeling of being together. Thanks so much for being such a fine person. How beautiful you are, amiga, in every way.’

The sensational meeting took place a month later deep in the Mexican jungle.

Guzman was captured as a result of his meeting with the sexy star and Hollywood actor Sean Penn. Penn, who tagged along to interview the famed drug lord for the now defunct Rolling Stones article, now says he regrets the interview.

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