Who Killed Bankroll Fresh? — UPDATED 


According to sources, No Plug (L) and Bankroll Fresh (R) had just gotten into an altercation prior to the rapper’s death at an Atlanta studio

The streets know who killed Bankroll Fresh.

There has been tons of speculation about who shot the popular Atlanta rapper and now the Internet streets are talking!

According to Gossip On This:

Various sites are reporting that Bankroll Fresh and another rapper named No Plug got into a fight inside the studio prior to the shooting. No Plug is also being accused of being responsible for Bankroll Fresh’s death.

This is something someone who claims to have knowledge of the shooting wrote (either in a comment or a post) on social media:

Well I just wanted to let you all know what exactly happened. The homicide was between artist Skully (aka No Plug) and Bankrollfresh. A fight took place in the studio and they ran off with bankroll’s gun. He chased them and when he got outside they started firing at him. There were soo many gun shells because both sides were firing shots outside.” – Instagram

The quote comes from Instagram, however, its authenticity or who exactly posted it cannot be verified.

Instagram user Streetmoneycnote10 also posted a photo of Bankroll Fresh with the caption:

“If one nigga would have help me stop that fight my lil brother would still be here.”

The following Instagram video is also circulating the net. It is believed to be real footage of the night the shooting occurred.

Read more about this story and see pics/video receipts on Gossip On This.



Check out the video below of ‘No Plug’ speaking on the Bankroll Fresh murder and what led up to it.
SN: I’m pretty sure No Plug just admitted to the murder or am I tripping off the tequila?

No Plug says the shooting was in self defense & that he and Bankroll Fresh had known each other since age 10 or so. According to him, throughout the years (particularly when Bankroll’s rap career began taking off) the two grew apart because of jealousy, hate & envy on Bankroll’s part, eventually destroying their friendship. He said the two at some point supported each other mutually and that Bankroll Fresh encouraged him to get into the rap game.

No Plug says as soon as the ‘altercation’ happened which resulted in Bankroll Fresh being “hit,” he spent $10k on “Gucci Mane’s attorney” & lawyered up. From there he went straight down to “homicide” (department) to turn himself in.

He says he was cleared of charges based on the video evidence & witness statements presented to the investigators and the shooting was deemed self defense.
Clearly he’s not scared or bothered by this whole incident by the way he smiles throughout the interview, but in a strange way he does seem somewhat remorseful about what happened to his former friend.
He tells VLAD TV that he wanted to put his side of the story out to clear the rumors and speculation about what really happened that March night at Street Execs studio. He admits the whole situation is “sad” but assures that any retaliation from the streets would result in “more self defense charges.”

Anddd…there you have it folks.

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