Atlanta Rapper Yung Mazi Shot & Killed In Atlanta


Yung Mazi – Photo Credit: Billboard Magazine

Aspiring rapper Jabril Abdur-Rahman, aka “Yung Mazi” was shot and killed leaving Urban Pie Pizza in the Kirkwood area of Atlanta over the weekend.

“Mazi,” the son of a former Dekalb County school teacher, practiced the Islamic faith, and had survived 2 previous shootings, one of which he was shot over 10 times. Following a previous assassination attempt, one of the bullets struck him in the head, and he had to learn to walk and talk again.

The 31-year old father and associate of New Orleans rapper, Kevin Gates, was known throughout Atlanta for his flashy flamboyant “hot boy” persona.

True to dope boy fashion he made no qualms about his love for his cars, jewelry and money and often flashed his ill gotten  riches on social media while taunting his “haters” and presumed enemies.

On the day of his murder, he posted a live video of him and his young daughter at an Atlanta area mall. This would be the last IG live post he made.

According to people inside the restaurant, Mazi was ambushed and shot in the face and chest at least 9 times while walking to his white Mercedes Benz at roughly 9pm on Sunday night. He was carrying a box of pizza.

As I said when Bankroll Fresh was murdered, the streets know exactly who killed Yung Mazi.

As of now the internet streets have not identified the shooter but I have ran across a few comments sections that finger another Atlanta rapper as putting a “hit” out on Yung Mazi. He had quite the reputation in the streets as a “finesser” and the commentor suggested that his finessing had ran its course. Since there is no solid evidence and we don’t dry snitch, I will keep that information to myself until more facts are confirmed.

Fortunately and unfortuntely, we live in the social media fame seeking world of clout so don’t be surprised if the the shooter eventually came out and admitted to the killing.

Check out the full story on Fox 5 Atlanta.

So sad to see another young brother succumb to black on black street violence. I am sure his family is deeply wounded. It’s always the families that suffer the hardest.

Friends of Mazi’s said that he was a deeply conflicted young man mourning the loss of two of his siblings. He had previously lost his younger brother in a tragic car accident as well as his sister in what appeared to be some sort of hate crime. He regularly expressed his grief ridden pain on social media, even boldly stating at times that his desire was to die so that he could “be with his sister and brother again.”

In one video he begged shooters not to shoot him in the legs and “aim for something else” if they really wanted to do him a favor.

Tell your shooters to start aiming for some sh-t that’s going to kill somebody. My legs are tired of this shit!


His obituary was posted online. Click here and here to view.

There’s an old saying that unfortunately continues to ring painfully true no matter how heavy you are in the streets:

“You live by the gun, You die by the gun”


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