Florida Woman Beaten And Stabbed Nearly To Death By Roommate From Craigslist

Such a sad sad story. I hope they lock this guy up and toss the keys. 

According to AJC news:

A Miami woman is finally showing signs of improvement after police say a roommate she found on Craigslist brutally beat her.

Family members say 23-year-old Danielle Jones needed a roommate and met 35-year-old Bryon Mitchell through Craigslist.

He is now charged with attempted murder after police say he stabbed and beat her close to death.

Officials say he called 911 afterwards, saying he was attacked by Danielle, and killed her in self-defense in their Miami apartmnet.

“Self defense would be a black eye, a broken nose,” said her mother Amiee Nikolov. “He’s 6’2″, 160 pounds. He is athletic. He could have knocked her out.”

Danielle opened her eyes for the first time Sunday. Doctors believe she may have serious brain damage

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