ASK BEE: My roommate moved her bummy boyfriend in.

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My roommate and I have been living together for about 8 months. She had already owned and lived in the townhouse and claimed she needed help financially, so I decided to move in with her and save money while I complete my final semester in college.

When I first moved in, she and I were both single. We never discussed what would happen in terms of our living arrangement if one of us got into a relationship but I never expected her to move some guy in 5 months after I moved in! Talk about desperate.

Since her new “boyfriend” moved in, things have been a little strange to say the least. I am not comfortable sharing a living space with a couple and sometimes she makes me feel out of place by being there. He doesn’t work and in the 3 months he has been there, he eats food that I purchased and sleeps all day long while telling her he is looking for a job. I stay in my room and out of their space because I don’t want any weird interactions.

I know it is her house and she can move in whom she pleases, but I just wished I had known that she would be shacking up with her boyfriend, or I would have never moved in with her. I have lots of other roommate options and I would prefer to live with someone who is considerate of my space.

Should I cut my losses and move now before things get extremely strange?


Runaway Roomie

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