NC Woman Claims Roadkill Taken To Chinese Resturant 

Oh dear! Or should I say “deer!”

A Good Samaritan says she saw a Chinese  delivery driver pick up a dead deer on the side of the road and take it back to the restaurant where they were assumingly, going to ‘regift’ it to their customers. 

Usually I am all about minding my business but this nonsense needed to be reported. Talk about disgusting! 

For years Chinese restaurants have been accused of serving “cats and dogs” in place of “beef and chicken.”

After this story I am convinced that there could very well be some validity to those filthy accusations. Don’t forget our previous post about the dog eating festival held in China every year

Anywho, grab a barf bag, peep the story and tell us what you think. (If you live in Concord, stay away from ‘China Fun’ unless you enjoy eating possible roadkill.) 

Via AJC– North Carolina authorities are investigating after a woman said she saw roadkill being taken to a local Chinese restaurant over the weekend.

That woman took a picture Sunday afternoon after she said she saw the people in the car pick up a dead deer off the road and throw it in the back of a car.

She recognized the car from seeing it delivering food to her home and office.

“I just couldn’t believe what I was seeing,” said the woman, who didn’t want to be identified.

She called police after the car drove behind China Fun with the roadkill in the back.

“They were backed up to the restaurant door with that dead deer in that car they use for delivery,” the witness said.

Police turned the case over to the Cabarrus County Health Department.

“We went there and found, indeed, they had slaughtered a deer, or were cutting up a dead deer in the back of the parking lot and had already brought parts inside, into the sink,” County Health Director William Pilkington said.

Eyewitness News anchor Liz Foster went to China Fun Tuesday.

“Were you guys going to serve that deer to customers?” Foster asked. 

A woman at the front counter said, “No, why are you recording anyway?”

Foster then asked, “Why did your workers bring roadkill here to the restaurant?”

The woman at the front counter responded, “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”

That woman claimed she had no idea about the deer incident and that the manager wasn’t there.

Pilkington told WSOC-TV they made sure the carcass wasn’t cut inside the restaurant and there was no cross-contamination — that is why the restaurant remains open.

“There’s nothing that can be done at this point in terms of shutting it down because there was no threat to the public’s health,” Pilkington said.

The woman who reported the incident wants China Fun closed.

“Everyone is really upset about this, and I feel like it should be shut down,” she said.

Health inspectors have been and will continue to perform surprise visits to China Fun for several more days. They also told WSOC-TV they will do more frequent inspections.

The health director couldn’t recall any previous significant complaints regarding the restaurant.

Foster called the restaurant again and asked to speak to a manager. She was told they weren’t available. She left a message but has not heard back.

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