Ex NFL Player Lawrence Phillips Found Dead In His Prison Cell 


TMZ Sports has obtained the Lawrence Phillips’ 911 call — in which a prison staffer tells the operator to send help because the ex-NFL star “has attempted suicide right now.”

During the call, the staffer says he’s in the dark about Lawrence’s condition or how he tried to take his own life … but says he was instructed by other Kern Valley State Prison staffers to call for an ambulance asap.  

By the way, officials say the call came in to 911 at 12:14 AM — 9 MINUTES after prison officials say they found Phillips unresponsive in his cell.

As per TMZ,  Phillips’ next of kin — along with his biological mother and his lawyer — do NOT believe Lawrence committed suicide … and are demanding an investigation into the death. 

Prison officials say Phillips was found unresponsive in his cell early Wednesday morning and was pronounced dead 90 minutes later after he was transported to a nearby hospital.

April 2015 Phillips’ cell mate turned up dead and Phillips was charged with his murder. Check out the story

According to a USA Today report: Phillips wrote a letter to his mother in March 2015, one month before his cell mate ended up dead. 

I feel myself very close to snapping. My anger grows daily as I have become fed up with prison. I feel my anger is near bursting and that will result in my death or the death of someone else.

Check out the video of the 911 suicide call obtained by TMZ.

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