Florida Man Facing Drug Charges After Falling Asleep At Gas Pump 

Wow! Talk about going to sleep in the getaway car! 

A Florida man fell asleep at the gas pump along with his dope & a loaded gun. 

All that “trapping” must have been exhausting because when he awoke from his power nap, he was being hauled off to jail. 

Well damn! –This guy has nobody to blame but himself and I’m sure he’s pissed–at himself!

Peep the story.

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WOFL Fox 35– A man found asleep behind the wheel of a running car that was parked by some gas station pumps has been arrested. Marvin Williams faces multiple charges after Orlando police officers said he passed out at a Pine Hills 7-Eleven inside a car containing 1,974 grams of cannabis and 15.5 grams of cocaine. 

According to an attendant at the store, the car had been parked by the pump for two hours. When he walked outside and knocked on the window, the driver did not wake up or respond to the knocks, so he notified police.

Officers arrived and found Williams asleep, with his foot on the brake. They also observed a bottle of cinnamon whiskey in the cup holder near the middle console and a loaded gun on the front, passenger seat. After they were able to wake Williams, they noted the smell of alcohol on his breath. “The defendant woke up and stated that he did not where he was, and he was on his way to the gym,” read a statement from one of the officers in an arrest report.

Williams was detained for openly carrying a firearm that was visible in plain view. Officers then searched the car and discovered a Crown Royal bag which they said contained five sandwich bags filled with cannabis and one bag filled with cocaine. Investigators said a scale was located inside the middle console and additional bags of cannabis were discovered between the back seat and the trunk. A further search of the car yielded loose ammunition that was inside a sock and $2,740 in cash.

Williams was arrested and transported to the Orange County Jail without incident.

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