3 Bodies Recovered Following Dudus Coke Manhunt Belonged To Women

A number of the 73 bodies recovered in West Kingston resulting from the operation to apprehend Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke were those of men convicted of one crime or another. Superintendent Gladys ‎Brown Ellis testified in the Tivoli Enquiry that these bodies were identified by criminal records.

‎The superintendent testified that the body of a man believed to be a sniper was ‎recovered from a roof
Evidence had been given in the enquiry that up to 300 gunmen were in Tivoli Gardens in May 2010 to defend Coke who was wanted in the US at the time on drugs and gunrunning charges.

Brown Ellis testified also that three of the bodies recovered belonged to women she identified as Gloria Smith, Petrina Edwards and Carlene McKenzie.

“I came to know these women like sisters; I was with them so long,” said Brown Ellis, referring to the forensic processing and identification process.

Source | Jamaica Observer 

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