6 Of The Most Brutal Women In History 

Women are known for their nurturing, charming, selfless and beautiful personalities…but not all of them possess these qualities. These devilish women will give you nightmares after reading these unspeakable and bloody crimes.  

The ‘concentration camp murderess’ llse Koch was the wife of Karl-Otto Koch, the Commandant of Nazi Concentration camp at Buchenwald. llse would torture and kill inmates at the camp, picking out ones with distinctive tattoos to use their skin as souvenirs. The souvenirs included lamp shades, handbags and other household items.

Belle Gunness would make young and rich men her ‘prospective fiances,’and later kill them for their riches and insurance money. She wrote them letters saying, “To the Dearest Friend in the World: No woman in the world is happier than I am. I know that you are now to come to me and be my own. I can tell from your letters that you are the man I want. It does not take one long to tell when to like a person, and you I like better than anyone in the world, I know. Think how we will enjoy each other’s company. You, the sweetest man in the whole world. We will be all alone with each other. Can you conceive of anything nicer? I think of you constantly. When I hear your name mentioned, and this is when one of the dear children speaks of you, or I hear myself humming it with the words of an old love song, it is beautiful music to my ears. My heart beats in wild rapture for you, My Andrew, I love you. Come prepared to stay forever.” She killed all of her children as well”.


The Drug-Lord of The Medellín Cartel in Medellin Colombia Griselda Blanco was as ruthless as they come. She is a known murderer of more than 200 PEOPLE, which she did to keep order and loyalty within the ranks. She was recently gunned down by a motorcyclist outside of a butcher shop in 2012.


Jiang had plenty of failed marriages in her adulthood. She came up with a group anmely ‘Gang of Four’ , whose members included Zhang Chunqiao, Yao Wenyuan and Wang Hongwen along with her. The gang was highly involved in the Cultural Revolution of China. They reigned over every educational institute of the country,and destroyed thousands of ancient Chinese sculptures, ancient books, buildings and paintings, which lead to about 500,000 deaths from 1966 to 1969 in China. She never apologized for her deeds and rather spent 10 years in a jail before committing suicide.


During the World War I, many men were sent to fight. With their husbands gone, some fell in love with foreign men, hoping their husbands would never return. Julia devised a plan to persude women tho wanted to live their “new lives” to murder their existing husbands. They also went on to kill their parents who forced them to marry alcoholic and abusive men. Julia lead the group of women who were ‘The Angel Makers of Nagyrév.’


The Early Victorian Era woman Amelia Dyer started the business of taking care of illegitimate babies in return for money. However many of the children died by starvation and illness under her care due to negligence. When the local doctors began to snoop around her business, she ran away to other towns, keeping her identity anonymous. She advertised “Married couple with no family would adopt healthy child, nice country home. Terms, £10” in the local newspapers to restart her cruel business. She was later hanged to death after being found guilty for one murder, she is known to have killed about 400 babies as a baby farmer.

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