WATCH: Mr. Turner – DUI or Misunderstood?

Ok, let me put this this disclaimer out first.

I in NO WAY CONDONE DRUNK DRIVING nor is it in any way a laughing matter or a matter that should be ridiculed or taken lightly.

HOWEVER, the video below has to go down in the Hall of Fame for “Most Funniest Arrest” caught on dash cam film.

Meet Mr. Turner.

Mr. Turner was pulled over (key words: pulled over) and admitted to driving –while NOT driving. The confessions don’t stop as Mr. Turner admits to being “drunk” but (repeatedly) scoffs at the cops’ accusation that he was the person actually driving. The sobriety test is absolute comedy.

He may be a criminal but he sure is funny!  LOL

Apparently the police were very familiar with Mr. Turner. No surprise there! This guy is unforgettable.

The quality is poor due to the age of the film but the message is the same,


Peep the hilarious video!

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