The Truth About Prison Rape


Prison rape is a term that refers to the raping and acts of sexual violence that occurs in correctional facilities that is done either by incarcerated inmates or the corrections staff. Prison rape most commonly occurs between those incarcerated in the prisons, though it has occurred on rare occasion that both the female and male staff has experienced prison rape, either by other members of the staff or those that are incarcerated.

According to statistics, one in every 20 people in prison were sexually assaulted. For juvenile inmates, the annual rate is about one in eight. 

The concept of prison rape, even though naturally a sexually inclined act, is generally thought more about establishing control, power, and dominance within the prison culture and lifestyle. Prison rape is often seen more in the context of a psychological attack rather one that is purely physical in nature, for the effects of a prison rape may be worse on the psychological level for many.

Prison rape is an unfortunate occurrence that happens within corrections facilities, with a total of over 140,000 inmates in the United States experiencing prison rape while incarcerated. Studies have shown that there is a certain correlation between age and race and prison rape as well. It has been found that prisoners that are young in age, particularly between the ages of 18 and 25, are more susceptible to be victims of prison rape. Furthermore, individuals that are being incarcerated for the first time may also be more prone to prison rape due to inmates wanting to establish control and power over those entering the general prison population.


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