Nebraska Mom Is Shot, Paralyzed 5 Days After Giving Birth

Photo Credit: Facebook

PEOPLE MAGAZINE — A shooting on Nov. 14 in Omaha, Nebraska, left a young mother paralyzed from the neck down. Zaria Rodriguez, 22, was shot in the neck five days after giving birth to her second child.

The shooting appears to have had nothing to with Zara and her family as they were traveling in a car when Zara was struck. So far a 17 year old has been arrested even though the shooting appears to involve others.

“I only saw my wife collapse,” said Luis, who was driving the car & rushed to get help after the shooting. “I saw her eyes roll back, and I really thought to myself, ‘She’s gone.”

“There were two kids in the car that their mother will never hold. She’ll never be able to feed her babies,” Zaria’s aunt said.

Zaria’s family set up a donation page on Facebook to raise funds for medical bills and needed supplies for her children.

Yet another sad story behind senseless violence. What’s even sadder is that Zaria was an innocent bystander. This is a reminder that this kind of crime could happen to anyone.

To donate to Zaria’s fund please click here.

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